I don’t feel like writing right now. I don’t feel like doing anything. Despite working hard on my mental health, I’m on the struggle bus right now. I’ve been feeling like crap for almost two weeks now so I haven’t been exercising. I haven’t been writing because I’m unhappy with how things are going withContinue reading “Bleh.”

November 12

Five years ago, November 12 was just another day to me. The most exciting thing about the day was that it was the day before my cousin’s birthday and another day closer to Thanksgiving. Four years ago, November 12 became so much more special. It’s the day I met my Bonus Kids for the firstContinue reading “November 12”

To My Tiniest Humans…

To My Tiniest Humans, I love you both. More than the whole wide world. More than I ever knew was possible. Good Lord I need a break tonight though! I keep telling myself that the times when you’re snuggly and sweet make all of this worth it but right now it’s a hard sell. YouContinue reading “To My Tiniest Humans…”

When I’m A Bad Mom

The times when I am a bad Mom, Are the times when I act exactly the way I tell my children not to. When I am impatient, I tell them to hurry up when really, there is no reason to rush. When I lose my temper, I yell out of frustration. When I say uglyContinue reading “When I’m A Bad Mom”

4 Apps That Are Helping Me Live A Happier Life

So I’ve been doing a lot to try and make my life better these days and I wanted to share with you four apps that have helped me in my journey towards happiness. They are in no particular order. I’d love to hear what apps you’re using to rock your life in the comments section.Continue reading “4 Apps That Are Helping Me Live A Happier Life”

The Crazy Lady With A Thousand Kids

“The crazy lady with a thousand kids.” In my head this is who my neighbors must think I am. They aren’t wrong. It’s definitely an appropriate title. Four kids, two bad dogs, one fish (yes, we killed almost all of the fish from my post), and a crazy husband and wife duo makes for anContinue reading “The Crazy Lady With A Thousand Kids”

Recipe Time: Red Beans And Rice (Step By Step with Pictures)

A while back I promised to share this recipe but haven’t made it lately. (See my blog post Cooking Crazy.) When I made the menu for this week I decided that now was the time. For starters, red beans and rice is my favorite meal ever. On top of that The Hubs just bought meContinue reading “Recipe Time: Red Beans And Rice (Step By Step with Pictures)”

5 Things I Learned In The NICU

Monday was NICU Awareness Day. Its a day I never would have known about if my life hadn’t played out the way it has. NICU is a cute sounding name for a place no parent wants their babies to go. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I don’t know about you but before having my kids “intensiveContinue reading “5 Things I Learned In The NICU”

The Day My World Stood Still

I remember the day in fragments of memory that sparkle and cut like broken glass. I awoke to my mother’s voice on the phone, “Can you come over to the house?” That immediate sinking feeling flooded my gut. Why was she at home? It was the middle of the week. I jokingly asked if she’dContinue reading “The Day My World Stood Still”

Learning from My Son

Sunday was “date” day in our house. I don’t mean romantic date though. I mean special time with the big kids. We split up and each take a kid to do something together. Sometimes we have to bring The Twins along but whatever we do, we make sure the focus is on whichever kiddo isContinue reading “Learning from My Son”