September Thoughts

I have miraculously been granted a moment of peace by the entire family and so it is with great pleasure that I take some time to relax and gather my many scattered thoughts. September has held a shadow of sadness for me for almost as long as I can remember. The terrorist attacks on 9/11Continue reading “September Thoughts”

You’re A Good Mom

Motherhood is weird. It doesn’t look like what I thought it would most of the time. I didn’t expect perfection of my children. I’m too much of a free range parent for that. I knew they’d be a little weird and sometimes look a mess. I knew my house would be a wreck because I’mContinue reading “You’re A Good Mom”

When the Shit Hits the Fan

I’ve always loved the imagery of that phrase. “The shit hit the fan.” It evokes images of smelly, yucky chaos. In my house, the shit hitting the fan seems to be the natural state of things. Some nights get shittier than others though, and messier. That’s exactly what happened last Monday night. When I pickedContinue reading “When the Shit Hits the Fan”

One Date a Month for 12 Months: Our 2019 Goal and How It Turned Out

At the end of 2018 our lives were crazy and we were stressed. Really stressed. Marriage was hard and parenting was even harder. We felt like we’d lost each other a little. So we decided to commit to one date night a month. Inwardly I worried that we’d make excuses and that we’d let itContinue reading “One Date a Month for 12 Months: Our 2019 Goal and How It Turned Out”

What Being A Mom Looks Like

My husband took a picture of me the other day that I feel really sums up the stage of Motherhood that I’m in right now. The stage when your children are so attached to you that even peeing by yourself is a sin in their eyes. The picture, however unconventional, has quickly become one ofContinue reading “What Being A Mom Looks Like”

Stocking Snacks

Okay so Wednesday I promised to share our stocking stuffer “life hack.” Last year it felt like everywhere I turned stores were advertising “stocking stuffers” that ranged from silly junk to super expensive but small items. Buying toys as stocking stuffers seemed like it went against the Four Gifts rule so we opted for aContinue reading “Stocking Snacks”

Finger Painting

I got a wild idea Saturday to paint with The Conqueror and The Hun. The idea was made even wilder by the fact that we were also trying to do the 48 hour potty training method where you let them run around without pants all day. If you’re already cleaning up pee on the floorContinue reading “Finger Painting”