Making Progress

This week is going by in a flash and stretching out over an eternity in nauseating back and forth fashion. I’ve woken up every day this week thinking that it was Thursday. At least today I got it right. Im still stressed but I’m making progress. A couple of months ago my husband mentioned thatContinue reading “Making Progress”

Facebook Memories

I have a love hate relationship with the Memories feature on Facebook. It’s really great for helping with things like remembering good times. I love seeing old pictures of myself and my friends and family. Some videos and memes still make me laugh year after year. Then there’s the dumb stuff that makes you think,Continue reading “Facebook Memories”

Big Scary Biker = Progressive Daddy?

As I’ve said many times before, The Hubs is a big hairy scary biker man. He’s a combat veteran who rides a loud Harley. He knows how to blow things up. As my Bonus Dad likes to say, he’s one of those guys who always looks a little dirty. He works with his hands andContinue reading “Big Scary Biker = Progressive Daddy?”

Confession Time: I’m Not Okay

I started going to a therapist on Friday. It turns out burning the candle at both ends and constantly trying to convince yourself that everything is fine can be mentally and emotionally taxing. Who would’ve thought? It feels a little weird writing about this. I committed to honesty when I started this blog and tellingContinue reading “Confession Time: I’m Not Okay”

Mommy And Daddy Escape

When you have children, it’s hard to get away. When all of your money goes to bills and food and you have lots of small children, it’s painfully hard to escape. This weekend thanks to awesome family and friends The Hubs and I got to take a little trip to New Orleans. Two days oneContinue reading “Mommy And Daddy Escape”

It Started With A Blown Tire

5:57 AM I’m watching the sun come up over Lake Pontchartrain. My tire blew around an hour ago and I’m pulled over on the very narrow shoulder of I10 West. I’ve been awake for almost 24 hours now. 10 or so of those were spent on a painfully hot movie set. (Another story for anotherContinue reading “It Started With A Blown Tire”

Bad Morning

Two words: Dumpster. Fire. That’s the best way to describe my morning yesterday. It started around 2am when my Husband started moaning and groaning and flopping around the bed like a damn fish on land. He tells me that he doesn’t feel good.He’s cold. His stomach hurts and he aches all over. I wish IContinue reading “Bad Morning”

My Alma Mater

There seems to be a preconceived notion that says only the people who peaked in high school and the people who had miraculous physical/financial transformations should be excited about their high school reunions. I think that notion is BS. I am neither of these things. I left Redeptorist and did well in college. Then IContinue reading “My Alma Mater”