Self Quarantine Day 8: Woooh Buddy!

Alright so today is a big anniversary date in our family. It’s a bitter sweet and emotional day for me. Today makes two years since we brought The Conqueror home from the NICU but it also makes two years since my Pop left this world behind. Pop was a great man and we all missContinue reading “Self Quarantine Day 8: Woooh Buddy!”

A Letter from Uncle Poo to The Twins

My brother has been affectionately dubbed “Uncle Poo” ever since he taught my tiny children how to say the word shit. All four kids love his nickname and so does he. Uncle Poo and I are quite close (see my post Where You Go, I Go for more on that). We talk almost every dayContinue reading “A Letter from Uncle Poo to The Twins”

5 Things I Learned In The NICU

Monday was NICU Awareness Day. Its a day I never would have known about if my life hadn’t played out the way it has. NICU is a cute sounding name for a place no parent wants their babies to go. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I don’t know about you but before having my kids “intensiveContinue reading “5 Things I Learned In The NICU”