Lessons in Humility as Taught By My Children

I’ve come to believe that having children keeps you humble. You go along thinking that you’re hot shit and that you have it all figured out and then WHAM! KIDS! They present you with new problems and craziness that make you question both your sanity and skills among other things. And they continue doing it!Continue reading “Lessons in Humility as Taught By My Children”

The Toilet Paper Bandit And The Perils of Sharing Your Bathroom With Kids

I grew up in a house with one bathroom that all four of us had to share. It in NO WAY prepared me for the insanity of sharing a bathroom with kids. They are the worst roommates I’ve ever had and currently only two of them use the potty. We have two bathrooms and theyContinue reading “The Toilet Paper Bandit And The Perils of Sharing Your Bathroom With Kids”

Some Traditions Are Meant To Be Broken

I’m very fortunate as a new Mom to have found some awesome Mom friends who I can turn to when things are insane (which is pretty much all the time). One of these dear friends is Hillary. We connect on many levels. As she says, “While I’m sure most working Moms live a life ofContinue reading “Some Traditions Are Meant To Be Broken”

That Time I Lost My Husband

A couple of months ago I lost my husband…in our house…for about six hours. Yes, you read that right. Take a minute to read it again if you need. I’ll wait… A few things are worth noting here: 1) My Husband HAS disappeared before. PTSD is a bitch. We’ll talk about that one day. 2)Continue reading “That Time I Lost My Husband”