November 12

Five years ago, November 12 was just another day to me. The most exciting thing about the day was that it was the day before my cousin’s birthday and another day closer to Thanksgiving. Four years ago, November 12 became so much more special. It’s the day I met my Bonus Kids for the firstContinue reading “November 12”

To My Tiniest Humans…

To My Tiniest Humans, I love you both. More than the whole wide world. More than I ever knew was possible. Good Lord I need a break tonight though! I keep telling myself that the times when you’re snuggly and sweet make all of this worth it but right now it’s a hard sell. YouContinue reading “To My Tiniest Humans…”

Learning from My Son

Sunday was “date” day in our house. I don’t mean romantic date though. I mean special time with the big kids. We split up and each take a kid to do something together. Sometimes we have to bring The Twins along but whatever we do, we make sure the focus is on whichever kiddo isContinue reading “Learning from My Son”

Mommy And Daddy Escape

When you have children, it’s hard to get away. When all of your money goes to bills and food and you have lots of small children, it’s painfully hard to escape. This weekend thanks to awesome family and friends The Hubs and I got to take a little trip to New Orleans. Two days oneContinue reading “Mommy And Daddy Escape”

Raising The Next Generation

Look around the world today and you’ll be greeted with stories of social injustice, anger, and confusion. It’s overwhelming and stressful to see. I say this, knowing that my stress isn’t even a fraction of what’s being experienced by the people truly living it. As a parent, you have to walk the line between protectingContinue reading “Raising The Next Generation”

Missed Exits

This weekend while we were headed out of town the Hubs and I switched roles. Usually he drives and I keep him awake by asking him stupid questions and reading fun facts off the internet. Our last trip involved a 45 minute long discussion/research session on the topic of Sloths. This time I agreed toContinue reading “Missed Exits”