Chasing Dreams

Seven years ago today I wrote on Facebook that I’d sent my resume to a local fledgeling museum. At that point it didn’t even have a building or a staff of more than one. I wanted to work for the organization so badly that I would have taken any position. A couple of days later I got a polite response, “we are not currently hiring but thank you for your interest.” I gave up on my dream of working in a museum right there and moved on. Around here managerial positions at museums are few and far between and I wasn’t interested in moving.

From that day on my life took a seemingly different direction. I worked retail as a manager selling paint for one of the world’s leading paint companies. I shot up through the ranks quickly and learned a lot only to see that dream crash on the rocks as I realized my soul wasn’t in it. It wasn’t my place anymore. As much as I’d loved it when I started, I was unhappy now. So I moved on when opportunity knocked.

I went on to work at one of the world’s most well known tech companies in a field that I was not at all familiar with. They took a chance on me and gave me confidence. I’d stepped out of management and learned more about humility and not being an asshole just because you’re in charge. I learned how to listen to the voice of my people. I’m not perfect by any means but they laid the ground work. I thought I was on my path. God had other plans. Things were starting to reshape at the company and I didn’t like where it was headed in terms of my personal career path. I applied for a few jobs elsewhere but heard nothing.

Then one day almost three years ago, I got a message in my inbox. “Are you interested in a Visitor Services position?” The museum that I’d given up on all those years before was finally opening. This time, we were both ready to face the world.

I say all of this to remind you that just because the dream doesn’t come true right now, doesn’t mean that it won’t ever. The Lord will show you the way if you keep your eyes and heart open. Be Brave my loves, you’ll find your path.

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I’m just a first time Mom with 3 bonus kids, set of twins, 2 bad dogs, and a full time job who’s trying to get through parenthood and life without completely screwing it up.

2 thoughts on “Chasing Dreams

  1. You know I wanted to apply for TM’s job and KS’s job. I waited one day. In that day they got hired and the posts came down. I reluctantly applied for the playworker job just because I wanted to be there. It turned out that I needed my own job, and no one knew that yet.

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