Raising The Next Generation

Look around the world today and you’ll be greeted with stories of social injustice, anger, and confusion. It’s overwhelming and stressful to see. I say this, knowing that my stress isn’t even a fraction of what’s being experienced by the people truly living it. As a parent, you have to walk the line between protectingContinue reading “Raising The Next Generation”

Let’s! Get! Weird!

Life gets weird fast. Yesterday my daughter somehow managed to slam my nipple in her board book, I cleaned out our gutters while under a tornado watch, and my husband spewed muddy water into the kitchen while trying to fix our water pump. The day before that my daughters had to be bathed three timesContinue reading “Let’s! Get! Weird!”

6 Ways Toddlers Are Like Drunks

Raising young toddlers makes me feel bad for all of the people who had to take care of me when I was a stupid, drunk college student. Rest assured, Dear Friends, that it’s coming back to me two-fold. They are like belligerent little drunkards at all times. What do I mean? Here are some examples:Continue reading “6 Ways Toddlers Are Like Drunks”

Missed Exits

This weekend while we were headed out of town the Hubs and I switched roles. Usually he drives and I keep him awake by asking him stupid questions and reading fun facts off the internet. Our last trip involved a 45 minute long discussion/research session on the topic of Sloths. This time I agreed toContinue reading “Missed Exits”