Poop Story Double Feature: Part Two, Everybody Poops

Ya’ll, I’m telling you I don’t know what happened to my family but it was bad. Maybe the planets aligned or someone put a hex on me. Whoever has my Voodoo Doll needs to give it a back rub and say they’re sorry for this one because it was just rude. Not two days afterContinue reading “Poop Story Double Feature: Part Two, Everybody Poops”

Ooo That Smell!

Yesterday as we headed to a friend’s house we were assaulted by a horrid smell. The Hubs said that he smelled something as soon as he sat in the driver’s seat. What was it? Dog poop?…Again?! We both checked our shoes…Nothing. The Boy checked his…Nothing. Maybe we were imagining things. I sniffed my clothes…Nope. JustContinue reading “Ooo That Smell!”