Family Updates

Dear Dedicated Readers, after almost a year, I think it’s time to begin writing again. I’d thought my days of blogging were done, but I’ve been feeling the call again so here we are. A lot has changed over the past year, too much to fit into one post for sure so for now we’ll settle for an update on the members of the raucous crew I call a family.

The Boy:

My God this child has gotten to be a giant! At 10 years old he’s nearly my height (not that my height is impressive but it is for a ten year old). He wears men’s sized clothing and shoes now. He is inventive and creative in ways we only could have dreamed of. He loves cardboard boxes and legos and drawing. He’s even teaching himself how to play the keyboard. We never know what he’s going to come up with next. Praise God, he hasn’t lost his sweet, kind heart. He loves animals and insects and wants to protect them. He is obsessed with horror movie classics and ghost stories. He’s the best son a Bonus Mom could ask for even if he’s a stinky 10 year old who pretends my kisses are gross and my hugs are no longer cool.

Proudly showing off his awards for his standardized test scores.

Crazy Eyes:

At eight years old she has somewhat grown into her eyes but they are still most definitely crazy and she loves it. I love this child. In fact, I don’t think I’ve met a single person who wasn’t drawn in by her quirky, loving personality. She is the best sister on the planet. The Boy is her A1 since day 1 but to her three little sisters (her Mom has had an adorable addition to the family) she is the Sun and Moon. If the Twins walk into a room full of family and Crazy Eyes is there, she’s who they’re running to first. She’s funny and creative and always on the move. Her heart is pure and kind. She is boisterous and loud but uses it to hide a softer side. She’s become quite the artist and leader. She’s charismatic and I can’t wait to see where that leads her.

Showing off the “fake nails” she made for herself out of stickers.

The Hun:

Ya’ll this child is going to be the one who puts me in the looney bin and she’s not even 5. I love her madly but Christ she makes me crazy. She is fierce and wild and speaks her mind. She makes up for it by being so damn snuggly. Her only volume is 11. She has developed a love for Punk Rock (specifically the Ramones) and Pop music, the louder the better. Pink is still most definitely her color and yet despite being super girly she’s always the kid who seems to find the dirt, grease, or mud first. Her imaginary friend is named “Ghostie” and is just as raucous as she is. I kick said friend out of the house or car at least once a week. She also tells me frequently that “God made me like to talk a lot and not sleep.” Hard to argue with that. As tough as she pretends to be, The Hun is soft hearted and can’t seem to go more than a few minutes at home without a kiss or a snuggle.

She loves a her snuggly stuffed animals.

The Conqueror:

Ah my little quiet child. She’s the Sun to The Hun’s Moon. She loves snuggles on her terms and, like her Mommy, enjoys soft blankets and bed time. While her twin is all about the quick comeback, The Conqueror plays the long game and is hilarious when she decides to make her joke. She is shy and observant and often gravitates toward her older brother when we’re out and about. Those two are little introverts in a sea of loud mouthed extroverts. Turn on the music though and all shyness vanishes. She loves to boogie. She’s been known to get up from the dinner table and dance if a song that she likes comes on. Her sweet shyness is balanced by her temper. She’s a scrapper that one. Thankfully, she’s also quick to apologize.

Pure joy.

The Hubs:

This man has worked himself silly this year helping his Dad to build their business. He’s been working on his mental health too thanks to some support from wonderful friends and family who finally convinced him to go to the VA. It’s been a long journey and it’s one that we’ll be on for a long time, but it’s been worth it. He’s having to learn how to live without anxiety and PTSD ruling his every thought and action and that can be difficult. As always, he’s constantly tinkering with something new and learning new skills. I know exactly where my kids inquisitive and investigative tendencies come from. He does a great job of supporting all of our hobbies and interests, especially the kids. After 6 years of marriage I still love him.

Súper Daddy at Oktoberfest with his stylist, The Hun.


There’s so much to say and too little time today. This year has been one of growth and healing. I’ve been taking anti anxiety meds and going to therapy and it’s changed my life. My entire family has been incredibly supportive of this journey. I’m learning how to live life in new ways and with more joy. Therapy has helped me to become a more patient mother and to take better care of myself. My journey was what made me step back from the blog for a little while but I feel like I’m ready to begin sharing again. In addition to my mental health journey, my career has grown into something I never imagined but adore. I get to work with companies and train their managers on soft skills like communication and kindness. (That’s the short version). I’ve kept up gardening but stopped making soap. I’ve taken up building Lego sets instead.

Trying, and failing, to look like a bad ass.

I could go on for days but I’ll save that for other posts. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and my family this year. Thank you to my dedicated readers who reached out and told me how much they missed my stories and posts. Your kind words mean so much to me. I love you all!

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