Hindsight In 2020

Well, my life as a housewife was blessedly and painfully short lived. Haha! While I did enjoy getting a lot done around the house and watching TV and relaxing, my bank account wasn’t pleased with the new arrangement. I’m pretty sure I was getting on my Husband’s nerves too. By the grace of God a friend reached out with a job opportunity and I took it. I’m now working at an Eye Surgery Center. This is my first real experience with the healthcare field so there is a lot to learn and get used to.

My new “Smurf Suit” as I lovingly call it.

I miss my old job so much, and my team, but I’m working to move on. I never thought I would grieve over a job but I definitely have and the wounds are still tender. I know it will get better. It still seems a bit surreal though. I work for years down a winding path to get to my dream job then rock it and suddenly lose it because of a global pandemic. You truly can’t make this crap up.

Our last event before that Damn Rona ruined everything.

I will say this, I’m more relaxed and find myself being more creative at home than I have in a long time. My last job took so much out of me. I happily gave my time and creative energy but I’m starting to think that while I enjoyed it, it wasn’t necessarily the best thing for my overall being. I used to write a lot about how I didn’t feel like myself or have time or energy for hobbies. I blamed it on a busy schedule and exhaustion. Looking back I see that it was more.

The museum I was at was a start up. There were constant problems to solve and it demanded the use of creativity seemingly all the time. I enjoyed the rush of it but it was wearing me down. By the time I solved problems and came up with new ideas I didn’t feel like I had any more creative energy left. I wasn’t doing it all on my own by any means, but it was still a lot to work through on a daily basis. By the time the weekend rolled I was so exhausted and drained that I’d waste the day Saturday doing nothing then get stressed and upset because I’d done nothing. To make up for Saturday I’d work my butt off on Sunday and then be exhausted for Monday again.

It wasn’t all the job’s fault, I still get Mommy burn out, but I feel like I’m more relaxed and creative at home now. I’ve made jewelry and soaps. (I even sold my biggest order to date! 40 soaps!) I’ve been reading again. I’ve laughed more and been less cranky most days. I’ve made more time for my husband.

Imagine that, I start working for an Eye Surgeon and suddenly I can see my past more clearly. Here’s to more clarity and a brighter vision of the future! Onward and Upward my Dears!

A little Halloween fun with the family.

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I’m just a first time Mom with 3 bonus kids, set of twins, 2 bad dogs, and a full time job who’s trying to get through parenthood and life without completely screwing it up.

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