Unemployment Day 2: Slowing Down

Since we’re getting hit by a hurricane all of the kids are home. It’s easy to forget that you’re unemployed when it just feels like a very windy and gross long weekend.

Going from working remotely to being unemployed brings with it some weird side effects. First, because I’ve gotten used to being at home and working, it hasn’t 100% sunk in that I’m done with my old jobs. Second, I’ve gotten into the habit of checking my work email about a thousand times a day. Even though I can’t anymore, I still find myself randomly thinking that I need to check my work email. Or suddenly feeling like I’ve missed a meeting by accident. Or waking up thinking that I have a webinar to watch. Or reminding myself that I don’t have a job to clock into anymore.

I guess you don’t realize how crappy your work life balance has gotten until the work goes away and you have to figure out what your life is without it…

I feel less stressed by my life right now. That seems wrong. I should be freaking out because I have no job and our health insurance runs out soon. Right? It’s not that I’m not worried. Its just that in this brief moment that I’ve let myself take there are no deadlines to make. No obscure work problems to solve. No job to worry about losing. Releasing the burden of stress about losing my job that I’ve been carrying around for 6 months has been freeing.

I’m doing my best to enjoy this time. To reconnect with who I am and who my family needs me to be. I’m taking time to laugh at my Husband as he obsesses over the storm. I’m slowing down and playing with my kids.

Today I washed dishes, made breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I made jewelry to sell and taught The Boy how to do it. I snuggled my babies. We watched movies. We turned off the TV and played a really fun game where the kids asked us questions about themselves and The Hubs and I had to see if we could guess them right. We played the reverse as well. The amount of answers we all got right was pretty awesome.

As shitty as it is to be out of work and in a hurricane, I’m thankful for today.

The Hubs In His Hurricane Gear

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I’m just a first time Mom with 3 bonus kids, set of twins, 2 bad dogs, and a full time job who’s trying to get through parenthood and life without completely screwing it up.

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