Self Quarantine Log Day 3: Veggie Fatigue, Hell Cats, and Important Calls

Today was the hardest day by far. The girls are tired of each other and I’m just plain tired. I’m not cut out to work from home while watching two toddlers. They’re not great at spending all day sharing Mommy with each other and her work. The entire family has had enough of my healthy cooking too.

So when I heard that the stores were selling out of everything but produce I decided to stock up on fruits and veggies and make some healthy meals. I made a giant pot of cabbage soup and some noodles with veggies. Folks, do you know what cabbage soup does? It gives you gas. You know what it does when you eat it a couple days in a row? It makes you lose weight and your ration of toilet paper very quickly. The veggie noodles aren’t much better. The Hubs is over it. The kids are refusing to eat anything healthy at this point because they’re so used to the less healthy food at daycare. I’m the only one eating the cabbage soup and noodles anymore because, despite the tummy trouble it causes, it’s damn tasty. At the rate I’m going I’ll be bikini ready by next week. All joking aside, next quarantine I’ll be sure to buy more junk food. We’re definitely experiencing veggie fatigue. I’d bite someone for a Snickers bar or a giant bowl of Ramen from my favorite local place right now. I could, of course, go to the store to get one but venturing out for a candy bar seems unnecessary and frivolous.

No more veggies Mommy! She clearly wasn’t into the Gerber meal with veggies that I heated up for dinner.

Beyond the noise of soup farts, the house has been a giant ball of sound. The girls are fighting non-stop. Screaming, eye gouging, slapping, and hair pulling all happened over and over again today. I’ve changed their name to the Hell Cats. It was starting to look like the opening fight scene from Gangs of New York in here for a minute. There were fights over baby wipes and mud. Tears shed over grilled cheese. Fists were thrown over a place in Mommy’s lap. Our schedule from day 1 is out the window. They didn’t nap till 5:30 despite my attempts. We went outside three times today to play and they got into EVERYTHING. They climbed all over me during a conference call. Chaos reigns.

Exploring the back yard and talking to our pal Vader.

The highlight of our day was hands down talking to my team. I called my part time staff to check in today. It’s a crazy, scary time and I don’t have many answers for them, but I wanted to check on everyone. The best part of being a manager is the people. Working from home makes me miss my people something awful. So I called everyone. Well, we called everyone. My little bad coworkers chimes in with hellos, good-byes, and random babble and arguments while I called. It helped lighten the mood. By the time I’d talked to everyone I felt a renewed sense of purpose. It’s good to have reminders of why we love our jobs even if they appear under crappy circumstances.

Today could have been better, but I’m proud of us for surviving each other and not going completely insane….or dying from too much fiber.

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I’m just a first time Mom with 3 bonus kids, set of twins, 2 bad dogs, and a full time job who’s trying to get through parenthood and life without completely screwing it up.

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