Superhero Names

Crazy Eyes never ceases to stir up the creativity and weirdness in our house. An offhand comment by her sparked a long, ridiculous family conversation about what superheroes we all are. I couldn’t have made this up if I tried. Overall I feel like we’re a pretty bad ass team guaranteed to strike fear into the hearts of our enemies but I’ll let you be the judge.

1) Crazy Eyes: “Powerful Unicorn Princess”: She wears two dresses, has a pet rainbow horse, and kills people with her unicorn horn. She can also make anything real…like Godzilla. She wears a charm that helps her disguise herself as a regular person. Her catch phrase? “No one can be bad! God made me!” How does she introduce herself? “You call me Powerful Unicorn Princess!” Her nemesis wears tons of makeup and no panties under her dress or socks in her boots.

2)The Boy: “The Gunner”: He has a weapon that can launch anything, “even Deedee.” He wears pants on his head that kick people, a mask, and a cape that can trick bulls. He wears a Batman mask to confuse people. The Gunner rides a giant rainbow parrot named “Buck”. Buck has the ability to call other animals.

3) The Hubs: “The Pain-Er”: He carries around a back massager that shoots out pain to people. He has a tail that he whips people with. His feet send out germs that make people sick. “He can shape shift into anything that’s a boy…also Deedee but no other girls.” What kind of costume should he wear? “A bunny! Obviously!” He also has a pet dragon who spits out fire.

4) Me: “Stylish the Butterfly Princess”: Her superpower? She acts like a painter then kills people with her paintbrush. She also stabs people in the eye. What does she wear? She wears beautiful things like jewelry “to make everybody blind.” She also wears purple nail polish and her clothes are “blue green mixed up into green blue.” She has a pet bunny who’s ears turn into knives.

5) The Hun: “Fancy Sprinkles”: She grabs magnets and throws them at people. She wears a sprinkle dress with a pink bow on her head. Her catchphrase? “I’m the princess of the babies!” Her animal is a bee that can sting or “suck other people’s blood”

6) The Conqueror: “The Wizard”: She can make anything! She can turn into “a snake, a koala, a dragon, a possum, a regular baby, and Luna.” Her eyes can shoot out lasers. Her dress is dark pink, her hat is light green, and her boots are black. Her wand looks like a screwdriver because she’s pretending to work.

Powerful Unicorn Princess and The Gunner in action.

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