As The Twins approach their first birthday I find myself reflecting a lot on our journey. People sometimes ask me how I reacted when I found out we were having twins. I’d love to say that I reacted with grace and excitement but it was more along the lines of outright horror.

We weren’t trying for long at all when I got pregnant. Sometimes I think that it’s a good thing it happened so fast because I probably would have chickened out and changed my mind about trying if I’d had too long to think about it. I’m a little slow on the uptake so it took a coworker pointing out that my aversion to the smell of Dominoes was weird before I thought that I might be pregnant. (I’d been feeling shitty but starting a new job and getting a horrendous stomach virus will do that to you.) That night I took a test and cried with happiness when I aw that plus sign. We immediately called our parents and told them. I called the doctor the next day and scheduled my appointment for a month later. (New job = new insurance that didn’t kick in right away.)

It wasn’t long after that that the nausea started. ALL. DAY. LONG! I thought I was dying. It was so bad that I had to tell my boss. I was sure by that point that she thought I either hated my job or was a drunk. One of my most vivid memories is hearing my husband shout “I don’t think this is normal! You need to get checked out!” from the other room while I threw up for the thousandth time. Between heaves I indignantly shouted back that every pregnancy is different. A week or so later we went in for our first ultrasound.

Imagine my surprise when I was instructed to take my pants off! No one warned me that some early ultrasounds are done IN the womb. The Hubs of course thought this was hilarious and made several jokes about the probe. As the large screen in front of us came into focus I noticed that something looked weird. This is stupid but my first thought when I saw the two black pear shapes was that it looked like a pig snout. “Okay,” said the tech. “There are the two babies.” She then zoomed in on one. “I’m sorry what did you say?!” I asked. (I probably wasn’t polite but I could already feel the fear rising in my chest.) She smiled at me like I was an idiot and slowly said “there are two babies in there. You’re having twins!” I started crying. My husband started laughing. If I’d had pants on I probably would have run out of there. I don’t really remember much of the rest of the next couple hours. I cried happy tears when I heard their heart beats for the first time. Two heart beats. Strong and distinct and very much their own.

That’s The Conqueror there marked as A and The Hun marked as B. Before we knew there were two we affectionately called our baby “The Bean” because I felt so bloated. After this they were “Pork and Beans” for a while.

We took this picture as we waited to see my OBGYN. We knew our family wouldn’t believe us. If you look closely you can see the absolute shock in my eyes.

When we left the doctors office I was still in a daze. We called my Mom first. She didn’t believe us (nor did anyone else that we called for that matter). She told us later that when she got off the phone and it sunk in she cried too. My father-in-law had been telling me since My Husband and I first met that I was going to have twins. He thought it was such a funny joke. He refused to believe that I was having twins until we showed him the pictures in person. Then he thought it was hilarious.

Later that day I headed to the beach with my Bonus Mom and some of her work friends. They must’ve thought I was deranged. All weekend I kept bursting into tears. My Husband and my Bonus Dad spent the weekend sending me pictures of women with giant twin bellies and gifs of the twins from The Shining. I made one of the women take a picture of me in my swimsuit before my body got destroyed. I was sure that I was going to look like Jaba The Hut by the time I had our babies.

It’s been a crazy adventure ever since. Once the fear passed I was able to get excited and I thank God every day for giving me the two for one special. I was wrong that weekend as well, I didn’t end up looking Jaba The Hut and my girls show no major signs of being creepy…yet.

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I’m just a first time Mom with 3 bonus kids, set of twins, 2 bad dogs, and a full time job who’s trying to get through parenthood and life without completely screwing it up.

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