Dinner Conversation

I’ve had a small case of writer’s block/ too many things going on for the past week and a half. I was starting to worry that maybe this blog was a bad idea and that we aren’t really funny just chaotic. Dinner last night reassured me that good idea or not, my family is good for a giggle or two.

The Boy has been begging us to take him to try Sushi for a while now and since we’d both had bad days we decided to go for it. Crazy Eyes and The Boy both loved it and I’m incredibly proud of them both. I’m gonna give myself a little pat on the back for that one too and a shout out to my parents. When the kids first moved here they didn’t like to try new foods. The Hubs and I agreed to use the same rule my parents had for my brother and I. Try it once and if you don’t like it you don’t have to eat it. After some initial weariness they came to trust that trying new foods wouldn’t kill them. Only once has one of them gone to bed without eating and now they both love veggies and trying new foods. Crazy Eyes has become quite the goat cheese connoisseur and will eat pretty much anything other than black beans and spicy food (with the exception of hot Cheetos because she is weird.) The Boy will eat pretty much anything that doen’t eat him first. It was no surprise that they both loved dinner. They even had fun with the chop sticks.

As great as our meal was, the conversation was even better. Here are some snippets that I jotted down.

Crazy Eyes: I know how to spell house

Me: How?

Crazy: hijklmnop!

The Boy: the white people are winning!

Me: What?!

The Boy: *points at the restaurant tv* On the basketball game, the white people are winning!

Me: You mean the white team?

The Boy: Yea, that’s what I said.

The Hubs: Did you know that when you were born you had a tail? We cut it off because you were hanging from the roof all the time.

The Boy: Is that true?

The Hubs: Yep!

The Boy: Deedee is he playing a trick on me?

Me: Nope! *giggles*

Crazy Eyes: *suddenly stops and points at her sister* Deedee…which one is that?

Me: The Hun

Crazy: Oh *carries on with her business*

I wish I’d thought to write the other goofy stuff down but I enjoying my food and the company too much (and trying to keep the Conqueror from knocking everything onto the floor). Eating dinner together was everyone’s answer during our usual “Best Part of the Day” portion of dinner and while I usually make fun of mushy answers I felt like this time we should all get a pass.

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