Self Quarantine Day 76: The Final Quarantine Log

Our quarantine has come to a close. While social distancing is still the norm and we’re not going all over the place, work is ramping back up and the Twins go back to daycare today. I’m more upset about it than I thought I’d be. There are so many unknowns still but I know that I’m going to miss time with my babies. This strange and unexpected time with them has been so hard and yet so rewarding.

As a working Mom I feel like I miss out alot on their lives. Since daycare closed they’ve been with me almost every day. We’ve taken walks, explored the yard, yelled, cried, blown bubbles, colored, destroyed the house, peepeed in the potty, snuggled, and some so much more together. I’ve learned more about who I am as a parent. I’ve been blessed to see them grow as individuals and as a pair. I’m going to miss them climbing on me during my meetings. Going 8 hours without a thousand random hugs and “I love you Mommy”s is going to be so hard. This part of quarantine has been the best blessing despite the many many times where I’ve cried and wanted to pull my hair out.

I’m excited for them to have the opportunity to play all day without having to hear “Please be quiet! Mommy is trying to work.” I’m glad that I can go back to just being Mom when I’m with them and not Museum Manager/Mom when we’re together. I’m excited to be returning to more normalcy. I’m happy to be going back to work because I find fulfillment in my career AND in motherhood.

I know that we’re all going to cry when I drop them off. I know that I’m going to check the clock a thousand times to see if I can go and get them. I can’t wait for their squeal of excitement when I pick them up this afternoon and the huge hug and kiss that I know will come with it. Right now though, I’m going to pick them up and hold them while they’re sleeping. I’m going to kiss their sleeping foreheads and hold my not so tiny babies for just a minute more before our time together goes away.

Published by momvanconfessions

I’m just a first time Mom with 3 bonus kids, set of twins, 2 bad dogs, and a full time job who’s trying to get through parenthood and life without completely screwing it up.

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