Self Quarantine Days 5 & 6: Silver Linings & Quarantine Dates

Since I didn’t have work this weekend I tried to pretend that everything was normal. I failed a bit. It’s hard to pretend that everything is normal when you can’t go anywhere other than your in-laws shop, an empty shelved Walmart, and your back yard. Thanks to some help from my in-laws though, I was able to get a little peace. The Hubs and I even got to have our March date night.

What did we do for our date you ask? Yard work! Hours of it! I climbed on the roof and pressure washed it and cleaned out the gutters. He cut the grass and used the weed eater (weed eated sounds wrong lol). He even pressure washed the drive way. I haven’t felt this accomplished since quarantine started. I’m exhausted physically and mentally in the best ways that only working outside can give you. I’m taking a minute to soak in the tub and write to you all while The Hubs makes dinner. (Another rare treat to get excited about.)

Having time to think and some time away from the kids has helped me to reset my mindset. I’m usually a super optimistic person and can often shake a funk after a day or two but last week was hard for so many reasons. There is a ton of stress and anxiety going around. People are without jobs. Things are only going to get worse financially, physically, and mentally for pretty much everyone on the globe.

As ugly as this pandemic is, there are still amazing things happening out there. My Mom and other women who sew are hard at work making masks for medical professionals in the area. Two of my Ya-Yas are working hard to get people back in good health. Parents are getting to spend so much time with their kids that they are tired of them haha! (Myself included.) Talk about a luxury. We spend so much time wishing we had more time to do yard work, to play with our kids, and to slow the hell down. Now we have no choice but to do those things.

Now is the time though to show our humanity. Now is the time to slow the hell down and watch the sunset. Or have an hour long conversation with your neighbor of four years that you’ve only spoken to in passing before. (We stayed 6 feet apart don’t worry.) Now is the time to snuggle up with your babies and watch Frozen without scrolling through Facebook. It’s the time to help out others however you can even if that’s just a text to let them know you’re thinking of them. If we choose to let it, this time in our lives will bring about change for good in our hearts.

So tell me, what’s your silver lining? What is giving you joy during this ugly time?

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I’m just a first time Mom with 3 bonus kids, set of twins, 2 bad dogs, and a full time job who’s trying to get through parenthood and life without completely screwing it up.

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