And Then There Were Five…

I’ve been putting off writing about this because it’s all pretty new and exciting and we needed to make sure we told grandparents and parents first. After talking with The Hubs he’s agreed that it’s time to share our happiness. We now officially have FIVE children! No, I’m not pregnant! Haha!

You see we’ve always known about number 5 (well, number 1 really) but hadn’t met her and had our doubts. My Husband married his first wife when he was relatively young and it ended badly. He told me when we got together that his ex-wife had a little girl and that he’d never met her or had any contact with her. She’s found out she was pregnant after she left. He’d signed away his legal rights without a clear understanding of what he was doing and hoped that one day when she was old enough to make the choice she’d find him. He thought he’d have to wait 18 years to meet the child that he only knew through pictures that made their way to him through the grapevine. He was wrong.

Our girl insisted that she be allowed to meet her Daddy and her family. She pushed until her mom gave in. As soon as we met her any doubts we had about her paternity were erased completely. It’s bizarre to see a stranger look up at you with your child’s face and the first time I saw her I felt all the breath leave my body. The Hubs obviously has insanely strong genes. She acts like him, looks like him, and has his sense of humor. She is beautiful and smart and a great big sister. Her Mom has done a great job of raising her and I’m so grateful for it.

When I told our Big Girl that she now had 6 more grandparents, 7 great grandparents, 1 Uncle, 15 great aunts and uncles, and a bunch of second cousins on top of four new siblings she was shocked and excited. I thought my family got big fast but hers literally blew up one random day in January. Can you imagine that?! 8 years old and BOOM! Giant family! She’s taken it all in stride and can’t wait to meet everyone. We’ve looked at pictures of everyone together and even FaceTimed my parents. Since she lives one state over we’ve had to make a couple of trips to spend time with her but despite my grumblings about having to pack they were worth it’s

Once my head stopped spinning after meeting her and I got used to the knowledge that God had sent me five children to love and share my life with I was excited to share our crazy story. We have one more child to love and care for. One more Tiny human who means the world to us. My Husband who was only able to experience having a sibling for a short time gets to watch each of his children experience the joy of having 4 built in friends who know you and love you like no one else. And they do love each other. All 5 had a blast playing and laughing and getting to know one another. They’ve even FaceTimed a few times when we couldn’t visit. The Boy and Crazy Eyes are overjoyed at having a Big Sister and love that she looks just like them. The Tiny Rulers have accepted her as part of their kingdom and she makes them giggle non-stop.

The Mom Van is full and so is my heart. I’m not sure why I was chosen for this life but I’m glad I was. Family is a beautiful and crazy thing and mine is huge. Here’s our first ever complete family picture. It’s not a great picture but I love it anyway.

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I’m just a first time Mom with 3 bonus kids, set of twins, 2 bad dogs, and a full time job who’s trying to get through parenthood and life without completely screwing it up.

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