I started writing my post for yesterday and just couldn’t get into the groove so I stepped away from it. Now I think it was meant to happen. So here you are, a special Thursday addition of Mom Van Confessions.

This morning I took the Twins to their 9 month check up. As I sat down in the waiting room I realized that my phone wasn’t in my pocket. No biggie. I must have left it in the Mom Van. (I wasn’t about to haul both girls back out into the cold to look for my phone just so I could fart around in the waiting room for ten minutes on Facebook.) We went into their appointment and everything went well. They even handled their shots like champs (although they both looked at me like I’d betrayed them). I checked out at the desk and carried the car seats and diaper bag out to the Van.

But my phone wasn’t there on the front seat….. Or under the seat….or in the back seat…or the diaper bag..The ground! Check the ground! No! Okay breathe…move the Van and walk back inside and ask if anyone has found it……Nope!

Panic set in but I drove home. I knew I could track my phone from my iPad. As I drove I wondered if my phone backed up last night after we took the girls first Santa pictures. How would I afford a new phone? …Deep breaths… I’d track my phone then run back to the Mom Van and hunt it down.

I got home and opened the front door. BOOM! DOG POOP SMELL! I gagged. This could not be happening right now! I found the iPad and the smell. Moose had a blowout on my newly cleaned bedroom floor. *gag* I swear it’s bigger than the children.

Must. Find. Phone. Poo will have to wait. I tracked the phone back to the Doctor’s office. I set an alarm off on my phone using Find My iPhone and sent instructions to it to call my husband. Then I got back in the car and drove back to the Doctor’s office to check the parking lot again. Nothing. Crying I headed to The Hubs’ job. When I got there he laughed at me. They’d found the phone at the Doctor’s and called him.

So now I’m sitting here in the driveway in the Mom Van, writing this on my phone while the girls nap in the backseat. I figured after all that drama I’d give myself a minute to calm down before I dealt with more shit. Let’s hope once that’s over the rest of the day will involve less poop and stress.

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I’m just a first time Mom with 3 bonus kids, set of twins, 2 bad dogs, and a full time job who’s trying to get through parenthood and life without completely screwing it up.

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